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Alpha Lot - Natural Processed Coffee

By Award Winning Coffee Producer Noralba Benitez


Growing Altitude: 6000 ft above sea level

Aroma: Elderflower

Flavor: White Chocolate

Body: Buttery

Acidity: Lush Acidity



Cupping Score : 88 Excellent Grade

Alpha Lot - Natural Processed


Dana Frady, NC

“I absolutely LOVE Gold Medusa Coffee!!! It has a taste like no other coffee I’ve tasted. I always make sure I have a bag of their ground coffee so I can enjoy it daily. Right now I purchase my bags of ground coffee at the Mt Holly Farmer’s Market. You can truly taste the freshness. I also love this family! This is a family owned business. They love what they do and they love their customers. I HIGHLY recommend that you at least try their coffee. I can almost guarantee you will be hooked!!!"

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