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Award Winning Charlie Lot - Natural Processed Geisha (Excellent Grade) 


Winner of the best natural processed coffee 2 years in a row

and 3rd place winner overall 2022 "Calle Del Cafe Apia 2022"


Geisha coffees have been used in competitions around the world for their smooth taste, delicate floral notes, and exceptional quality. Consistently scoring 90 points or above on the SCA’s 100-point, this varietal of coffee is not only the most sought after, but a great conversation piece. 


Geisha coffees are incredibly dynamic with powerful flavor notes. It is known as the top-tier royalty of the coffee varieties. It has broken records in auction prices at coffee competitions.


Gesha earned its name for the town in southwestern Ethiopia that birthed it. There is no direct translation from Ethiopian dialects to English, and so the Gesha name has stayed around. However, the story goes that coffee researchers originally labeled the variety as “Geisha”—likely because hearing the name prompted them to use the spelling they knew, which is used for the Japanese entertainers.


Originating in 1931 from the Kaffa region of Ethiopia, specifically in the Gori Gesha forest. An heirloom plant would be taken to Latin America, where it be cultivated and begin to spread throughout Latin America.


Multiple factors contribute to the high price of Geisha beans. The first is that it is a tricky plant to cultivate. For a successful crop, you need to have a higher altitude (1,700-1,950m), and the timing of the harvest has to be precise with expedited processing. Also, the foliar system of the Geisha plant is thinner than other varietals, making photosynthesis less competent. The root system can also be feeble, not allowing sufficient water and energy intake. This means that the Geisha plant cannot produce as many beans as other coffee plant varietals. With Geisha beans, it is more about quality than quantity. Year after year, the  Geisha varietal has received the highest scores from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Out of the SCA's 100-point scoring system.  Between the top scores, rare flavors, limited supply, and worldwide success, there is no doubt why the value and price of Geisha coffee have dramatically increased. 


Award WInning Charlie Lot - Natural Processed Geisha


Dana Frady, NC

“I absolutely LOVE Gold Medusa Coffee!!! It has a taste like no other coffee I’ve tasted. I always make sure I have a bag of their ground coffee so I can enjoy it daily. Right now I purchase my bags of ground coffee at the Mt Holly Farmer’s Market. You can truly taste the freshness. I also love this family! This is a family owned business. They love what they do and they love their customers. I HIGHLY recommend that you at least try their coffee. I can almost guarantee you will be hooked!!!"

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