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Introducing the stunning Gold Medusa Coffee Sticker, the perfect accessory for any coffee lover's collection. Featuring a bold and intricate design of the Medusa head in shimmering gold, this sticker will add a touch of luxury to your coffee mug or travel tumbler. Made from durable vinyl, this sticker is easy to apply and will withstand daily wear and tear. Show off your love for coffee in style with the Gold Medusa Coffee Sticker.

Gold Medusa Coffee Sticker


Dana Frady, NC

“I absolutely LOVE Gold Medusa Coffee!!! It has a taste like no other coffee I’ve tasted. I always make sure I have a bag of their ground coffee so I can enjoy it daily. Right now I purchase my bags of ground coffee at the Mt Holly Farmer’s Market. You can truly taste the freshness. I also love this family! This is a family owned business. They love what they do and they love their customers. I HIGHLY recommend that you at least try their coffee. I can almost guarantee you will be hooked!!!"

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